Outfit Of The Day

05/03 - 2011: Wearing a checkered shirt(only), and a pair of jeans that you can't see on the picture.

04/03 -2011: What a lovely friday, perfect to wear a pair of thick tights, a long tank top, a longsleeved shirt(H&M) and high wedges(Bianco footwear).

27/2-2011 -Wearing a awesome hoodie, wich Marie owns. It's very warm and nice to wear on a cold, relaxing sunday! :b'', and last but not least: a pair of black tights and my shorts(Bik Bok) from yesterday.

Photo by: Marie Louise Breaum

26/2 - 2011:  Todays wear is a pair of basic shorts with high waist(Bik Bok), homemade teeshirt and a necklace from a friend(H&M).
Nice and relaxing.

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